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Wrangell is a quirky small town on an island in beautiful Southeast Alaska.

Leading Our Community to a Brighter Future Our mission is to advance all of the business, professional, civic and cultural interests of the City and Borough of Wrangell as well as regional, state and national interest under the democratic system of free competitive enterprise. We encourage the growth of existing business activities while giving all proper assistance to any new firms or individuals seeking residence in Wrangell. Wrangell is a close-knit community and has small town charm. Mother Nature provides excellent outdoor activities throughout the year. Wrangell boasts clean air, water, streets, and safe neighborhoods for the 2300 people calling it home. It is a full service community with great health care facilities, modern communication systems as well as dependable transportation by air and water to and from the island. Wrangell is rural and remote but is easily accessible. Winters in Southeast Alaska are considered mild with temperatures seldomly dropping below freezing. Spring and Fall are cleansing with plenty of fresh rain. Summer has the perfect mix of warmth and light summer breezes with Fireweed and Forget-Me-Nots painting the beautiful landscape.

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